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Creekside Charter PTO

  • What we do:  The purpose of the Creekside PTO is to enrich students’ academic and emotional learning, support teachers, and plan community events to connect faculty, staff and families.  

    • The PTO organizes activities and raises funds through various events throughout the year in order to provide some of the unique programs and events that make Creekside Charter stand out from the crowd!  

  • How we do it: We organize programs and events, coordinate parent volunteers, and we meet approximately once a month. All of our meetings are open to the public!  

    • PTO meetings are typically held on the 1st Tuesday of the month at 9am 

    • Parent volunteering and participation is the only way our amazing programs and events are able to happen. Kids love to see their parents at school, and learn valuable lessons from volunteers on campus and in the greater community.  Come join the fun!

Officers Needed

PTO Officers Needed!

We are currently recruiting volunteers to fill the role of the PTO President (or Co-President) and Vice President!  This is a great opportunity to get involved!  Please reach out to us at:


The primary responsibilities of the President (or Co-Presidents) include:

  • Preside over PTO meetings (eg. set the agenda and make sure we go through agenda items)

  • Support committee work. Our most active committees are currently Pizza Thursday and TK-3rd Grade Friday Enrichment. There is potential next year to add Middle and Upper Grade Enrichment programming, if leadership in these areas emerges.

  • Support volunteer work of other PTO members around creating and running supplemental school events, such as Pumpkin Patch, Fall Feast, Holiday Craft Fair, SouperBowl, Spring Fundraiser, and End of Year Beach Party. 

  • Ensure that we follow our by-laws and remain fiscally responsible (eg. writing checks that need to be written to support committee work, school events, and other requests; and coordinating with the Treasurer, etc)

  • Liaise or assign a liaison to foster communication between the school and the PTO


The primary responsibilities of the Vice-President include:

  • Act as an aid to the President in any/all areas outlined in the primary responsibilities of the President  (or Co-Presidents)

  • Perform the duties of the President in the inability of that officer to serve

PTO Programs & Events

Spring Social

Let's toast to Spring and celebrate the Creekside community!

Pizza Thursday

The Creekside PTO sponsors Pizza Thursdays for the school, providing hot lunch from Fireside Pizza. 

TK- 3rd Grade Enrichment Fridays

Friday Enrichment at the Truckee Rec. Center is back for our youngest students in grades TK to 2nd grade.

4th - 6th Grade Enrichment Fridays

Creekside parent, Aga Nowak, is offering a 4-week Friday Enrichment program based on yoga and building connection with nature.  


PTO Programs and Events have Included: ​

  • Operating Friday enrichment programming

  • Operating our popular Pizza Thursday school lunch program

  • Subsidizing class field trips, including overnight field trips 

  • Subsidizing after school extracurricular activities, such as yoga and Lego Robotics

  • Helping  fund outdoor playground equipment

  • Sponsoring assemblies throughout the year, such as, “Arts for the Schools” music performances 

  • Organizing school-wide events and social events

  • And more!

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