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About Us

Since 1998, Creekside has been offering small class sizes in a family oriented community. Parents and staff have a voice in education while teachers support and inspire students emotionally and academically. At Creekside, your child’s education centers on experiences which promote meaningful learning in an environment where students are guided to be caring citizens, strong leaders and well-rounded individuals. 

We believe there is an important triangle in every student’s life: the student, parents/family, and the school. Clear behavioral expectations create strong and safe relationships between the team and allow teachers to maximize engaged learning time. Through working collaboratively and keeping communication lines open, we are better able to shepherd students through the challenges and achievements of childhood.


Our Mission

The mission of Creekside Charter is to create a relationship-based, dynamic learning environment in which students excel academically, are engaged and self-confident, and have the flexibility to pursue their passions.

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