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CCM Board

Creekside Charter Management (CCM) is a California not for profit corporation. The CCM Board believes that involved parents and staff are a valuable part of every academic endeavor. As Creekside Charter develops and grows, very important decisions are made on staffing, facilities, budget and other operational matters. The CCM Board works in partnership with the Executive Director, teachers, district and parents to consider the schools’ mission and education philosophy, as well as the voice of our stakeholders in carrying out its duty in establishing budgetary and policy standards.  

The CCM Board meets on the first Monday of every month unless otherwise noted.  Agendas are added 72 hours prior to the meeting and minutes are posted after they are approved in the following month's meeting.

CCM Board Governance Bylaws

CCM Charter

Board Members

President: Mary Kate Baker

Secretary/Treasurer: Gerard Fenech 

Board Member: Christina Campbell

Board Member: Megan Williams

Board Member: Libby Toub

Board Member:  Eric Garayoa

Board Member: Matt Lane

You may contact the board members directly via email or our Executive Director is happy to communicate messages. To contact Jeff Kraunz, or call his cell 530-562-7631.

Board Members

Monthly Agendas & Minutes

2022 - August

2022 - November

2023 - February

2023 - May

2022 - September

2022 - December

2023 - March

2022 - October

2023 - January

2023 - April

Agendas & Minutes
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